TS| Keywords to Inspire your SEO for September 2021 and an Image of Fall leaves to share.

Daily Diary Note used with permission from Storey Tarris UK – Make Practice a Priority.
Photo Curated by Storey Tarris – Fall Leaves and Plaid Pants with Brown Boots September 2021

Keywords Inspired by Karenbritchick Fall Video Trend 2021

  • They are so pretty
  • Classic design
  • Some Gold showing
  • Earrings and a little bit of necklace
  • Everyday pieces
  • I keep doing it.
  • Day to Night
  • Try them yourself
  • Links get bigger
  • Men’s Shirt
  • Vintage
  • Rayban slightly oversized
  • Posting
  • Thrift
  • Bottega Boots
  • Red Velvet Lipstick
  • Business of Vlogging
  • Chain Linked videos
  • The vibe of her room
  • It’s a wrap
  • I know. I know.
  • My hangover is almost gone.
  • Byeeeeee
  • This is so cool (US)
  • Fendi F bag
  • Is this the episode?
  • Is this ok?
  • Shooting random stuff
  • Business side of Vlogging
  • Content Creation
  • Q&A
  • All Black
  • Such a classic
  • Slippers
  • PR package
  • Three of us
  • Live at the same time.
  • Questions from Instagram
  • Spill the tea (UK)
  • Spins of the first
  • “I quit”.
  • Realities from moment of quitting and working for yourself
  • three opinions
  • Post of different days
  • Bonus Videos
  • Tuesday & Fridays and Bonus Day
  • Need to sort out
  • Too late now
  • The time has passed
  • Mild in New York
  • Easy Access
  • Needs cleaning immediatley
  • Put under the bed
  • Love them to death
  • Dad Sandals – Temperature warm enough – Wear with socks
  • What I’m liking at the moment
  • Fall trends 2021
  • That’s it. I’m out.

  • Note: For SEO, make sure the words you use are integrated into your text and make sense to Google. If your text is copy pasted from someplace else google will notice. The phrases above are from a video monologue / vlog about Fall and Fashion but are inspiring for writers looking to tap what people are searching for online. ~ Storey Tarris

TS | ST| Daily Diary Note – Frizzante or Frizzanti – September 1, 2021

September 1, 2021. Daily Diary Note. Used with permission from Storey Tarris UK.

Frizzante – It is only lightly sparkling.

Frizzanti –

‘Generalising a bit, you could say frizzanti are a good choice when you want a joyful, quintessentially Italian, democratically priced wine that you can cheerfully polish off a bottle of,’ said Baudains.


Note: September 1, 2021 To Do List for Trefuly LTD.

  • Work on SEO for GWJ | Goes With Jeans (Future Editorial /Fashion Commerce Site)
  • Create New Website for Daily Diary Note (Future Commerce Site)
  • Add SEO images for AnnHorstkamp.com