Social Media Platforms and Websites

If you have a business and would like to incorporate social media into your marketing, customer service and sales, we suggest using the following platforms:

Social Media

  • Facebook – Customer service & marketing / sales opportunities
  • Youtube – Tutorials, product reviews, FAQ, informmercials, documentaries, streaming opportunties
  • Instagram – Customer feedback, product and market testing, brand awareness
  • Pintrest – Brand awareness, curation of corporate images linked to website and products FAQ, tutorials
  • Twitter – Customer support, press releases, news, product reviews, FAQ
  • Tik Tok – Coupons and merchandise discounts, early bird tickets and sales, brand awareness (for adult market), free digital merchandise, apps
  • Twitch or another Streaming Service – Customer service, sales, marketing and info entertainment such as tutorials, let’s do this together & hangouts


  • Coporat Blogs and Sister Site Blogs– For all areas of business. May be considered social media if they have an app and are interactive such as a WordPress site with Buddypress.
  • Flickr – Keep a curated selection of corporate products and corporate branded images for editorial purposes.
  • Yelp – Business Yellow Pages
  • Google Business – Business Yellow Pages