Welcome to Tarris Storey Digital Media.

We provide the following services:

  • Social Media Content Creation
    • Digital images
    • Digital art
    • Social media highlight articles
    • Website articles and webpage content
    • Social Media Journalism
  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Content Curation

Social Media Platforms and Websites

If you have a business and would like to incorporate social media into your marketing, customer service and sales, we suggest using the following platforms:

Social Media

  • Facebook – Customer service & marketing / sales opportunities
  • Youtube – Tutorials, product reviews, FAQ, informmercials, documentaries, streaming opportunties
  • Instagram – Customer feedback, product and market testing, brand awareness
  • Pintrest – Brand awareness, curation of corporate images linked to website and products FAQ, tutorials
  • Twitter – Customer support, press releases, news, product reviews, FAQ
  • Tik Tok – Coupons and merchandise discounts, early bird tickets and sales, brand awareness (for adult market), free digital merchandise, apps
  • Twitch or another Streaming Service – Customer service, sales, marketing and info entertainment such as tutorials, let’s do this together & hangouts


  • Coporat Blogs and Sister Site Blogs– For all areas of business. May be considered social media if they have an app and are interactive such as a WordPress site with Buddypress.
  • Flickr – Keep a curated selection of corporate products and corporate branded images for editorial purposes.
  • Yelp – Business Yellow Pages
  • Google Business – Business Yellow Pages

Daily Notes

TS | Sept. Keywords to Inspire and Leaves image to Share

Keyword Inspiration from Youtube Lecture by Simon Thurley Low Country Inheritance 1672 Changes made Broadly speaking Important point Obsessed with war 1st Phase & 2nd Phase Next in line Such as it was More magnificent Increased status Important point Obsessed with fashion English visitor They are all Frenchified – in French fashion Emulate the styles …

TS| Keywords to Inspire your SEO for September 2021 and an Image of Fall leaves to share.

Keywords Inspired by Karenbritchick Fall Video Trend 2021 They are so pretty Classic design Some Gold showing Earrings and a little bit of necklace Everyday pieces I keep doing it. Day to Night Try them yourself Links get bigger Men’s Shirt Vintage Rayban slightly oversized Posting Thrift Bottega Boots Red Velvet Lipstick Business of Vlogging …


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